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The Price of Delusion 






 A COMPELLING CRASH COURSE ON THE NEW WORLD ORDER IN FICTION FORM -- Forget 2012, the naysayers of doom and gloom, it is the dawn of the age of Aquarius! Aliens are about to make first contact, secrets of our origins are about to be revealed, Read this supernatural thriller in this astounding special e-book deal, only $1.44 via the 144,000 Project's ongoing fundraiser to make a movie. This is to help get the word out, share with friends and be able to read this entertaining 700 page plus novel.  All you have to do is buy it, read it, and gift it to others for their nook or kindle. By doing so, you are helping us to make a movie! -- Go deep into the top secret world of human experiments and government cover-ups. See the science and take a bite of the attractive technological apple that changes man into a god! A bold look at a world where human life is altered and evolved beyond our wildest dreams. A new world order utopia? Mark of the beast? The true origin of all the world's religions?. First contact with extraterrestrials, the end of life as we know it, and a united world are all part of this multi-genre psychological thrill ride! -- HELP US MAKE THIS INTO A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE BY JOINING FORCES WITH US FOR A LIMITED TIME!  

 In his latest book project Jim writes his first work of fiction with assistance from his collaborator and website Co-Founder, Phillip Guerra. This story explores the world of conspiracy theories, aliens, the new world order and the mother of all end time deceptions.  Based partly on a true story and research this realistic part science fiction thriller is sure to take people on a roller coaster ride with twists and turns that will keep them wanting for more.  

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  As an accomplished medical professional, dedicated Lab Technologist, Christian apologist, Science Writer, and Co-Founder of All of the Answers, LLC. AKA:, James Regan has always had a knack for figuring out the complexity of things.   In his first book, "My Words are Spirit and Life", Jim clearly describes how the mark of an artist in the designs of animal, plant, and human life all point to an intelligent Designer. 

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This book lays out on the table key components of the evolution vs. creationism argument for the reader to see in a reasonable and enjoyable way. This book explores the aspect of coupling the art forms found in nature along with the science which then opens up a whole new way of looking at things Here are some of the great topics discussed:


  • What clues about our origins are embedded within the artistic patterns of nature.
  • Seven lines of proof showing that plants were fully developed and here before any animals had come along.

  • .What does camouflage reveal about our histor

Movie Project - The story which has taken a life of it's own surprising and even surpassing the writer's own expectations is currently being promoted to filmmakers, producers and movie studios with the capacity to push this film project to it's highest and fullest potential. For this and other potential projects, we would like to hear from new and up and coming CGI special effects people, script writers, those who need field or production experience with adobe premiere, potential actors or extras, investors and all other interested parties who can contact us via email to


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